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SKU: 0007

Our limited edition liqueur with hops and mead herb is a special and very unique taste experience.


What is Medwort?

Common mead flowers smell very sweet and spicy and have - as the name suggests - previously been used as a flavoring agent in mead, just as the flowers have been added to wine and beer. The young leaves of the meadowsweet can be used for salad and as spinach. The species is a well-known medicinal plant, which i.a. is used against stomach ulcers and heartburn, and like willow, the mead contains large amounts of the pain-relieving salicylic acid.


Denne likør har en dejlig rest sødme af honning og  kombineret med dejlig rund smag fra søde _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_flowers and a bit of bitterness from the mead herb, it is a liqueur that can be enjoyed with e.g. cheese, desserts and with coffee.



Danish Honey






Alcohol 20% vol


Shelf life: As the liqueur has a high content of honey, it is in itself a preservative and thus there is no shelf life date on the product. These are regulations according to the Danish Food Agency.


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