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Your Liqueur

Danish produced liqueur

of high quality and with a focus on taste.

We are a small liqueur production company with a passion for Danish quality.

 "Din Likør" is based on a passion for brewing a high-quality alcoholic drink with a focus on the raw materials and with the desire to make more people know about liqueur.

"Din Likør" is an alcoholic drink made from honey from our own bees and is brewed with fruit and cold brew coffee.

We are responsible for the production ourselves, right from the honey, to the fermentation and to the production of fruit juices, which are added to the actual brewing of the liqueur from the beginning.

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About Your Liqueur

An alcoholic drink made from honey from own bees

We have 10 apiaries distributed around Nordfalster. This is where all our honey for the production of  Your Liqueur comes from.

We ourselves are responsible for the entire  production until the liqueur is ready in bottles.​

We have a fixed range, but we also produce variants depending on the season. Here we can make use of seasonal Danish fruits and get most  locally.

Our vision is to stick to good raw materials and, as far as possible, locally.

To create the right soft taste and balance in the liqueur, the production of  "Your liqueur" takes a minimum of 12 months.

It is important that everything goes right. We continuously taste and in consultation with professionals to make sure that the final product is of the quality and with the taste that we want the liqueur to have.

We never release a product until it is 100% in order.

Our bees, our honey, Your Liqueur!

From bees to your liqueur

Honey has been known and used throughout human history.

It has been easy to collect and it could be used without any preparation as such. In the past it has been the only known sweetener.

It is believed that it was the ancient Egyptians who first had seas

the bees in hives, as there are Egyptian reliefs showing scenes from beekeeping. Both the Greeks and the Romans kept bees.


Beeswax has been used for candles and salves since ancient times. It is also known that the Vikings drank mead, which was made from honey, and that is exactly what Din Likør is brewed on, namely as the mead.

Your liqueur is fermented with honey, water and yeast and juice from the various fruits and herbs is added. Your Likør coffee is made with Cold Brew coffee.


Read more about each individual liqueur in the shop itself.

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