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We focus on
the taste, the quality and the raw materials.


12 months to brew

Your Likør  is a Danish-produced liqueur and is brewed with honey from our own bees and with specially selected raw materials. 


Nature is our supplier and we insist on using the best Danish raw materials according to the season.

Your liqueur is made from the very best natural ingredients and is organic.  


Liqueur (mead) has had a huge renaissance in the last few years, and has currently become one of the hippest drinks on the market.  

Today, liqueur is used in bars and used in various drinks. Liqueur is also used as an aperitif with sparkling water or as a dessert wine or mixed with spirits.


Din Likør is a sweet alcoholic drink made from honey, water and yeast, but gets its own character via the fruits, berries and coffee beans we add in the brew. 

Your liqueur takes a minimum of 12 months to brew. The liqueur is ready to be enjoyed  , but it certainly doesn't take any "damage" from leaving for longer.

Seasonal ingredients

Edible plants, fruits and berries grow everywhere in the Danish countryside. You can gather from early spring to late autumn, but as the seasons change, so too does nature's selection of raw materials. During the summer months, Danish nature abounds with berries, fruits, flowers, herbs and much more. Our bees benefit from drawing on this, but we also use these raw materials in the liqueur as flavoring agents. This is to get the most out of the natural and fresh flavor nuances from the Danish nature, but also to create the ideal balance in the liqueur.

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