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Your Liqueur is fantastic to drink as it is with coffee, dessert or with cheese, but can be used with advantage in drinks.

for your drink.


Beautiful winter cocktail.

Your Likør Vinter is mixed with a semi-dry white wine.

Mixing ratio is to taste.

Enjoy it slightly chilled and garnished with  some grated orange peel.

Billede af Daniel Horvath

Your favorite"

used for this purpose

Your Liqueur Elderflower

Your Elderflower Liqueur is mixed with gin, sparkling water with citrus, ice cubes and garnished with a lemon slice.

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Din Likør drinkskort (1).png
Our bees - our honey -your liqueur

What others are saying about the product

Jane Sønderstrup

Fantastic Liqueur in beautiful bottles.

Pure balm for the taste buds and it is brewed with honey from our own bees. Can't wait to taste more. Excitedly following the production on your website. Nicely transparent so you know what you're getting.

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